Sep 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm 18 days away from heading to Africa for 3 months.....Can you hear me freaking out?!  So much to do but I need to do a thankful Thursday today.  Just to keep me sane.

So today, I'm thankful for:

-The Internet/email/blogs

-My bed!


-Knowing that God Knows

-My camera

-My family

-The chance to go back to Uganda

-Blue nail polish

-Ice cream

-LOST (Oh my word! I adore this show!!!  Anyone else out there ever watch it?  I have been watching it on the Internet with Joylynn (The sister I'm going to Uganda with) from season 1 to season 6.  We are almost finished it and I am blown away.  Pleaseeeee do not tell me anything that happens in season 6 if you have watched it!!!!!!!!!!!!  OK, moving along..)


-Being sweet 16 and never been kissed


-My hair

-Reece's Rainbow

And one thing I am NOT thankful for today:

-Telephones.  Goodness I can not stand having to call people!


I could go on and on. But right now I need to go check on my sick brother.

Have an awesome Thursday!!

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