Jan 24, 2011

Alex and Melissa

I can't get over the cuteness of these two children!
I could just eat them up!  Here is some more info on them...

BOY, born September 25, 2006

Sweet smile! Alex was born with CP. Alex is a sweet boy. He is described as VERY smart, and the orphanage staff desperately want a family for him. He is not able to walk at this time, and he does have a functional systolic murmur in his heart.
Alex will remain bedridden when he is transferred to the institution. Hope we can find a family for him soon!

You can see his profile ----> Here
Girl, Born June 17, 2005
Global delays/CP
More info coming, facing transfer

You can see her profile ----> Here.

Cute?  I think so.  I can't wait 'til their families find them!

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