Jan 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010...

It was a good year.

Even if it did end with me having malaria.  Oh joy.  For the sake of all honesty on this blog, I actually was not on the malaria preventative (I brought along the Doxycycline though).  I stopped taking it a little over a month into my trip.  I had a good reason...it gave me ulcers, but at the same time, I also just forgot.  Plus even on the preventatives, if you are bit by a malaria infected mosquito, you have a good chance of getting malaria.  Its just one of the facts of Africa that no health nurses/doctors tell you before you travel. Sometimes with all the hype with meds and vaccinations we forget that people are just living in Africa and if you forget to sanitize your hands with 99% alcohol you are not going to die.  Just saying.

On the other hand though, I will be taking a different brand of meds next time or just wear tons of bug spray at night.  Malaria is not fun.  Really it is not.  It feels like everything bad mixed into one big....bad thing.  I have never given blood so much in my life.  Yikes.  I am feeling much better now though so thank you for everyone who prayed.  We are lucky to of caught it early because the strain of malaria I had, ended up being the deadliest kind.  Whoops.

It is now very early on January 1st.  And I am happy.  Why?  Because my sister is coming home this year.  Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!  It's time to party!!!!  Please be praying for us.  We know through a back door way that our homestudy has been approved by the provincial government but need it to come in the mail.  We need it to come on Tuesday.  NEED it.  That is pretty much the latest we can have it for our deadline.  Of course Gods timing might be different but....I don't know what we will do if this falls through.  Sigh.  Please pray.

OK, pure exhaustion is hitting me.  Until next time...

Happy New Year!!!

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