Mar 27, 2011

Be an Orphan Warrior

I love Reece's Rainbow.  I always have, and always will.  Besides the adoption part of it my favorite part of Reece's Rainbow is how easy it is to invest in the life of an orphan from half a world away.  I have held 'orphans' and loved them, and not being able to physically love on them right now, hurts.  So, now that I am home I have had to find ways to make a difference from here (or risk blowing up).   One of the things I have done is become an Orphan Warrior for RR.  Here is what the website says about it..

One of the most effective ways to raise awareness and grant donations is for each child to have a dedicated WARRIOR. Focused efforts for one specific child have proven to be very powerful!

There is no cost, no required period of time, and no set goal. Any of our 0-5 year children, Down syndrome, HIV, or "Other Angels". Use Facebook, email, your blog, any other way you can to help your chosen child find their "forever family".

This is how I see it, there are millions on orphans in the world and a couple hundred of those children are listed on RR.  A couple hundred seems like a small number compared to the millions out there.  Wouldn't it be nice if the children listed on RR all has someone rooting for them?  Someone who was praying for them specifically to find a family?  Someone who would hoot and holler for them until their parents found them?  Someone who would cry for them?  Someone who would put a bit (or a lot!) of money into their grant fund when they could?  Sadly, many of the children do not have someone like this and are slipping through the cracks.  And it breaks my heart.  Being a warrior is not hard at.all.  I know many of you already have sponsored children through different organizations (I do to!) but this is not the same thing.  There is NO obligation to get such-and-such amount of money into the child's grant fund (all though getting it off of zero would be awesome!).

Please take a look at the children on these pages and see how you can NOT fall in love with one (or 2 or 3!) of them.

To become a warrior for one of the Children email Michelle at michelle at reecesrainbow dot org and tell her the child you want to warrior for and your blog address (if you have one).  That's it, easy as pie.  A button will be put next to the child's profile telling the world that someone specifically chose and loves them. 
I'm really not sure how anyone can say no to that. : )


  1. Love this. I'm advocating for Heidi now. I'm been trying to decide which child for a while and I am so excited!!

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  3. I love you Joanna! You are a treasure from God! I am praying for you and your family. :)


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