May 2, 2011

Giveaway for Alex

So this blog has been a little bit quite this week.  So sorry.  There are a few things going on in 'real' life right now that I am trying to get up and running.  Talk about exhausting.  phew.  If you could spare a prayer or two for me that would be awesome.  I could really use some wisdom.

But I do have some exciting news to share.  Some of you may know this already but Reece's Rainbow has a grant raising program starting soon to raise funds for all their 5 year old children (see more info HERE).  As soon as I heard about this program and saw that Alex (and Melissa!) were included in it I started praying that God would bring them a 5/5/5 warrior.  While, God provided for Alex and he has a 5/5/5 warrior!!  You can see her blog HERE.  And it gets even better, she is doing a giveaway for Alex and his grant fund is already up too $503!!!!  The giveaway ends on Thursday so I am thinking you should hurry up and enter while you still can!  There are MANY ways to enter without donating money (all though donating is GREAT).  So if you want a chance to win a $35 gift certificate to Amazon (while helping out an orphan in EE) go HERE.  The goal for his grant fund has now changed from $100 (obviously that goal has been reached!) to $600!  God has big things in store for this little boys life, that is for sure.

Have fun and I hope you win!


  1. Joanna, Yeah I'm so happy for him. And I'm praying for you! Keep up the great work!


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