May 27, 2011

Talking with Jordyn G.

We are blessed.  
Georgia (aka. Jordyn.  aka.  'G') is in a very nice orphanage.  It is one of the nicest, if not the nicest, in her country.  One of the interesting things about her orphanage is the freedom the kids have.  I have never heard of an orphanage (At least in Europe, Africa is a whole different story) where the kids are allowed to run around the town.  The orphanage is located in a small village but it is still a weird concept to wrap my mind around.  Just to show you how free the kids are in town: Today my parents were skyping us.  It was almost 8pm for them and they had already dropped G back at the orphanage a few hours before.  As we were talking about silly things happening here at home, there was a knock at the door and we heard a familiar voice.  Yup, G had wondered back to their room (The orphanage is way on the other side of town.) and she brought a friend.  So sweet and funny.  We all got a good laugh out of that.  I feel just a little protective that my 8 year old sister is allowed to roam around as she pleases. :)  

Anyway, because of this freedom my parents have been able to take G almost anywhere in town walking and site seeing.  The last two days they have even been able to bring her back to the house they are staying at to skype with us back home.  The first day was a little awkward.  She was so confused by how we knew her.  But she was SO cute and her little voice is just precious.  She even started learning our names and we made up a game where one of us would duck out of view from the camera and she would call us back into view.    The second day she was even more comfortable with us (and my parents.).  I am so in love with her.  She is so funny and smart.  she is already learning some English (Good morning, Good bye, Cat, Rabbit, Yes, ball.) and I'm sure she will pick it up quickly once home.  It is so weird to see her.  Did you know that she is actually a real person?  Who would of guessed!!  Haha

Officially in her country she is not supposed to know that we are adopting her, just that my parents are 'visitors'.  This protects the child (and the adoptive parents) in case once they meet, special needs are more than the parent can handle etc. We actually had prepared for the worst, but no worries there. :)  But despite this G knows what is going on.  There have been 5 adoptions from her orphanage in the last year.  Yesterday as they were taking her back to the orphanage she asked "I'm coming to Canada in 20 days, right?".  Bahaha!  Where she got the 20 days thing from I have no idea.  But I am glad that she is not freaked out by the idea.  She also called Mom, 'Mama' for the first time today and gave her a hug.  We all can't wait to have her home (all though we do agree that the first weeks, months+ are going to be exhausting.  Oie).

She is cute and amazing and she is so perfect for our family.  
Just take a look at my new favorite picture of her..

I'm so thankful tonight for her orphanage.  
I am also thankful that she will only been spending a few more months there, as great as it is, it is still an orphanage.


  1. Thats insane! I've never heard of anything like that! Praise the Lord for the way He is and has been taking care of your sister at an orphanage like that. Whoa. She is soooo precious.

  2. One thing I have noticed from my travels (more than twenty countries on four continents) that Americans, Canadians, and British people seem to be the most vigilant about their children. Everywhere else the children walk around by themselves. When I lived in Korea, I noticed that most kindergarteners walked to school by themselves.

    Well, I do wish the orphanage would be a little more careful, many bad people would want to take advantage of an orphan.


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