Jun 30, 2011

He pokes his eyes for stimulation

See this sweet boy?  His name is *Aiden.  
He is 4 years old and is an orphan living in Eastern Europe.

God loves him.  God loves him a lot.  
In fact, God sent his son to this earth for Aiden .
Aiden is made in the image of God.  He is special.  He is loved by God.

I recognize that and so do a handful of other people.  But the sad thing is, most people do not see that.  Aiden is blind.  He is also an orphan.  And in his country that is two strikes too many against him.

Aiden has spent most of his life in a crib.  Lying down.  He doesn't get talked to.  He doesn't get held.  He is alone.  Because of this lack of love and interaction he engages in 'self-stimulation'.  He bangs his head on the edge of the crib, rocks back and forth and pokes his eyes.  I knew all of this when I first saw him.  It is right there in his Profile. But his situation didn't really feel urgent until I saw the below pictures.

This is Aiden, the boy that God made in His image, poking his own eyes for stimulation.

I am heart broken.  
No child should be this neglected that they poke their own eyes.

Please join me in praying for a family to come and rescue this angel boy.  It is urgent.
I don't want him to spend another year alone poking his eyes.  He can grow up to be the man God made him to be.  He just needs a little love and all the good (and sometimes bad) things that family brings.  Please, I am begging you, to pray for this boy.  And please pass his info on to anyone you can think of who could bring him home.

You can find his info HERE.

*Aiden is not his real name.  It is a code name given to him by Reece's Rainbow to protect his identity, which is a very good thing.


  1. Sweet boy... Praying right along with you.

    Love your new profile picture! :)

  2. How do you get your hands on extra pictures of your kids? Just email the prayer warrior lady?

    Poor boy. Praying for sweet Aiden.


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