Jul 31, 2011

and it begins.

The Weiman parents  left this afternoon for Eastern Europe.  It's crazy for me to know that they are on their way to Stacie (who I have loved and prayed for for over a year!).  It's exciting.  Adoption is crazy and hard, and a little bit more hard and a little bit more amazing. 

The kids are doing awesome so far. 
Don't let this picture fool you, Micah just really did not want to eat his chicken.
Funniest face I have seen in a really long time.

One {half}a day down, 13 {more or less} to go!!


  1. Oh Gracious, Joanna! Is he ever cute! Got to love those kids!

  2. oh puhleease keep posting these cuties....

    heart swelling with love :)


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