Jul 7, 2011

Someone had a birthday

This boy!!

My only little brother.  I love him, but whats not to love?  He is super cute, uh, I mean handsome. 
I can't believe he is 10 already!!

He is such a good brother and has been so good about us working to bring Jordyn home, even though she is another girl.  He has such a sweet heart.  A while back he bought a stack of Bibles with his own money to give to people that are not Christians.  He is the real deal.

This little guy is over at our house a lot..and at random times too.  I love it.  He plays so nice with Abby and with Josh (and I'm sure he will have a thing or two to teach Jordyn G once she comes home!).  He came over today to eat cake with us. :)

Opening presents. 

(can I just mention how funny I find this picture?  I'm thinking the cake was a hit.)

Happy Birthday Joshua!!  I love you so so much!!
I hope you have an awesome year!


  1. Awesome pics. And please tell him happy happy 10th birthday! For me!

  2. He's adorable!! Happy Birthday Josh!


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