Aug 31, 2011

Two birthdays, One day.

This is my sister.  Her name is Abby.  She is proof that you don't have to be an only child to be spoiled.  But at the same time is a very content little girl.  She will play alone in her room for hours.  She is creative and funny and imaginative.  I love her.

This is Alex.  He is a survivor.  He is smart and would blossom if given the chance to learn.  Alex smiles even though every earthly instinct says he should shut down and protect himself from anymore hurt.  Alex has not had the carefree childhood that my sister has had.  He is an orphan.  He is loved, but only by people living on the other side of the world.

Alex and Abby have a lot of differences, but they also have a lot in common.  God has big plans for both of their lives.  That's a fact.  They also share a very important day.  
Alex and Abby are both turning five on September 25th.

Their birthday's are going to look so very different.  Alex will not be celebrating with cake and presents.  He will not have a family singing to him or giving him hugs and kisses.  And that breaks my heart.  While I am hugging and kissing my baby sister I can't help but remember that my boy is alone.  

Not only that, but on Sept. 25, he will be a big step closer to Transfer.

Alex is an orphan.  He has CP.  He lives in Eastern Europe.
He is turning five.

At age 5 children 'age out' of their Baby Orphanages.  If they have Special needs they are transferred to a mental institute.  A mental institute.  Because of the lack of resources and education, children like Alex who are not able to get up and walk around are left in their cribs all day.  It is called being bedridden. 

He will go from this:

To This:

{Note, Alex does not live in the country featured in this movie.}

My heart is breaking.  I can't sit back and let this happen.  Not without a fight.  Alex needs a family to step up and adopt him.  God has the perfect family for him.  I am sure of that, I have peace that there is one out there for him.  We just need to find them.  And in the mean time, I will try to help in a practical way.  Adoption is expensive.  Very expensive.  I would love to see his adoption grant raised to $2500 but his birthday.  It is at $1965 right now.  Crazy? Yes.  But so worth it.  The money will be used by that special family God has picked out to help pay for Alex's plane ticket and passport (Along with all the other little things needed in International Adoption) to get him home.  

Thankfully I am not doing this alone.  Not in the least.  God has laid Alex on Amber's heart too.  We have some fun things planned for this month.  Ways for you to help make a difference and win some cool things.  

On September 25th, I want to hug my sister knowing I did all I could to help Alex have an awesome fifth birthday.  We are going to celebrate Alex's LIFE in style!!

Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be hearing more about Alex's birthday celebration SOON!


  1. i cannot wait!alex is so special and is in my heart as well! thankyou so much for linking your beautiful post to the forget-e-not friday linkup much love xxx

  2. Sweet Alex -- thanks for being a voice for him. May God bless your fundraising efforts. Praying Alex will be home with his family on his sixth birthday!


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