Aug 5, 2011

Pennsylvania is warm.

Pennsylvania is warm.  Really, Really warm.  Maybe even hot.  Sure it is cool compared to other places in the country but compared to where I live?  It is hot.  But not too hot.  Well maybe a little too hot some days.  But mostly it is just a nice comfortable *I'm so happy it's warm enough to wear shorts!!* kind of weather.  And some days I even sweat.  Ahem.

This morning it wasn't really hot.  So we braved the walk to the park.  It was a hit and it was good to get out of the house after all the excitement of seeing pictures of Stacie (see last post).

Micah looked mighty cool in my glasses.  This kid is so adorable.  
Plus he is actually starting to like me.  Score!

Love these kids.

Before we headed home we needed to make a potty break.  
This is my "'" face.

outside the bathroom is a whole lot nicer than inside.

This next picture is especially for Matthew's daddy.  He asked me to take it so (in his own words)..
"You can put in on your blog so my daddy can see how well I rode the scooter all the way to the park and back."

So I obliged.  And posted this picture on my blog for his daddy.  

My work here is done.
Good night.

1 comment:

  1. For Matthew- Daddy is so proud of you! Great Job!!

    For Ava- You look so beautiful!!

    For Micah- Just as cool as ever, dude :)


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