Sep 26, 2011

blown away

Alex.  My sweet boy.  He has a family.  Someone who is working to get him out of that institution.  Tears.

God is good.

Thank you to everyone who helped share about him and donated to his grant fund.  His birthday was a good one.  In the 10 days that his birthday giveaway was going, $500 was raised for his ransom.  When I checked this morning it had gone up anther $100.  Final count? $2,601.80.  God is good.

Now he has a family.  And I have no words.  I am happy.  So, so happy.

Happy Birthday Alex!!


  1. Oh my God!! Checking the MFFM page is the first thing I do when I get up and feed the baby, and I started crying bigtime when I saw his little face on there. You are such an awesome advocate, Alex is so lucky to have had you fighting for him.

  2. Did i understand correctly that Alex is being adopted!?

  3. Check out the my family found me page!!!! Your going to jump for joy!!!


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