Sep 13, 2011

I have a family

I am so thankful for my family.  
Not because they are funny (which they are) or they are cute (which they are) or even because they love me (which they do...most of the time).  I am thankful for them because I have them.  I really cannot comprehend how I have a family and 163 million children do not.  163 million.  That is more then the population of Canada people.  Why me?  Why not them?

Why not Alex?
{not to be confused with "my" Alex on the right of this blog}
He is 7 years old and  "would love to have a family of his own."
Edit: Alex has found a family!!

"Alex is extremely curious, and wants to know about everything. He loved our camera, and while all the other kids wanted their pictures taken, he wanted to figure out how every button worked. He is one of the older kids at the orphanage, and he has seen so many other kids come and go.  He needs a family so badly."

Why not Sadler?
He is 6 years old and he "very much wants a family of his own."
Edit: Sadler has found a family!

 " Sadler is a typically developing child.  He is smart, healthy, active, and friendly."

Why not Yelena? 
She is 7 years old and "So badly wants a family of her own."

"What a beautiful, glowing smile Yelena has!  Beautiful blonde hair (all hidden under her kerchief)."

These children are just that, children.  And there one wish?  A family.  How can I not be thankful when I have the one thing so many children and teens pray for?

So that is my light bulb moment of the week.  Be thankful for your family.  
Just because they are your family.  163 million children would love to have one.

And because they are cute and funny and I love them, here is a picture of my family.  
Oddly, this is only half of us.

Alex, Sadler and Yelena are all waiting for families.  Do you have room in your family for one of them?  They aren't picky and you don't have to be perfect!!

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  1. Joanna, You say it so beautifully! I am so glad you are in my family and can hardly wait for new siblings to get to know you and the others.


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