Oct 12, 2011

Happy day

-Melissa met her mom and dad today.  She is perfect and oh so cute.

-It was sunny and warm today.  We went on a walk looking at Halloween decorations and played outside all morning.

-At home we are working on the next steps of getting our Gergana home.

-Lily had a 2 hour nap and grandma came over this evening which made Lily very happy.

And sometimes you have to turn a blind eye (after breaking out the camera) to 3 year old antics...for the sake of happiness.

Now, I'm ready for bed.


  1. Oh my goodness she is so adorable.

    Happy for you guys about Gergana!

  2. Awww! Lily is soo cute!!! :) But I don't think you are quite ready for bed yet, I think you need to take a shower to get the sand outta your hair! ;)

    (forhisgloryhandiwork on the forum)

  3. Oh man...that naughty laugh! hahaha What a stinker! Cute one though!!! I miss her to pieces! I like the second one where she is already laughing so hard at being naughty that she doesn't realize that it just hit the umbrella and not you! haha What a cutie pie!!


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