Oct 17, 2011


Today was another warm day.  So thankful for the warm weather after the snow we experienced the first day I was here.  We took advantage of the sun and went out to water the flowers.  One thing you need to know about Lily is that she is happiest when she is being a stinker.
(as shown HERE)

So not surprisingly, the water quickly turned from the flowers to me. 
(and the grass, drive way and anything else she could get the hose too.)

The laughs made it all worth it!  Girly got wetter then me!

This kid is precious, and her laugh is adorable.

After getting mighty wet and chilly we made a quick stop at the trampoline before heading inside for food and a nap.

So thankful for this girl and for today.

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  1. Oh, my little stinker! You are such a good sport! What a blessing you are to have there with her and I could simply not be any happier that the two of you are having so much fun! Miss you both! :)


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