Jan 28, 2012

I don't want to forget.

Two months this Tuesday.
That is how long I have had Gergana in my life.

It doesn't seem that long when you think about it.  It's only been two months.  However at the same time it feels like so much longer.  Life has gone back to normal, whatever that means.  Bonds are slowly growing between the different individuals in the family.  English is exploding.  Jet-leg is no where to be seen.  Anger and confusion are only a very small part of our lives.  As the days pass and life continues to move on I find myself forgetting the emotions of the adoption process.  I love where we are headed.  I love our new life.  I love my sister [a lot].  However I do not want to forget where we have come from.  I don't want to forget where Gergana came from just because the 'now' of our lives has calmed down.  Her past and the pain of this transition deserves to be remembered.

[why yes Gergana is eating the cat's tale. ahem]

I don't want to forget the hard we all experienced the first few weeks home.  I don't want to forget the tears and goodbyes she had to say in Bulgaria.  I don't want to forget the confusion of the long flight home.  I don't want to forget any of it.  So I keep those emotions close.  I keep the pictures and movies close.  I keep the memories close.  Because as hard as it all was, it was worth being able to watch this miracle unfold.
I am so blessed.


Gergana is crazy.  She is so, so funny.  Maybe she isn't actually funny and I just think she is funny because she is my sister.  Seriously though, I love her.  And she makes me laugh.

Checking to see who's hands are bigger.  And the stinker kept jumping in front of the camera.  
I never thought I would see the day she would actually want her picture taken..



  1. Oh my gosh she is so stinkin cute! and her accent is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Your family gives me so much hope! I hope our Gergana and her brother do just as amazing as your Gergana! :) I know the road was bumpy but she seems to be settling in wonderfully! Thank you for continuing to share your story!

  3. your story is heart lifting to follow! i have tears here...thankyou for sharing thedifficultand wondrous...Tilly keeps saying,'more more more play again mummy that's so funny!'she is beautiful as are you xxx(glad to seethe filming stopped before the cat struck back!LOL)

  4. The poor cat! Love your updates, Joanna!

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