Jan 1, 2012

What happened?

I have become one of those people.  You know the ones.  The type of person who randomly looks up cute pictures of dogs on the internet.  I swear, a week of watching Animal Planet in Bulgaria did something to me!  I find my pup way to adorable.  

And when I found Kenya sleeping on my bed the other day?  My heart may of melted a little.

I fear I'm on a slippery slope towards buying dog booties and celebrating animal birthdays!
Just kidding mom.
But really.

This happens to be my favorite page in my Bible.  

It's a good one.  You should read it.

Happy New Years everyone!


  1. lol...i recently started a 'dog' board on pinterest...oh and if you wanted to celebrate our Maisy's birthday is 29th august! ( we normally throw a party in the local woods with her doggy friends! xxx

  2. Also guilty! Manny got socks in his stocking this year. And also a sweater. And at one point he had a bath robe. :)


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