Feb 10, 2012

I Love you

Yesterday I heard some of the sweetest words come out of my newest sister's mouth...

"I Love You".


The reason she picked that moment to say those words may, or may not have been, because I was letting her throw money around my room.  Girl is obsessed with money.  And because I am a cool big sister I let her chill in my room a box of coins  Either way, that moment was precious and I hope to never forget it.

counting out the money in two piles.  Africa for me.  Canada for her.

Money is just so much fun to dump on your head.  You should try it sometime.

Note: My bedroom carpet really is not that green.
Yes it is very ugly and very green, but it isn't THAT ugly and green.

Note #2: Gergana had a bunch of dental work done this week.  her mouth is now missing 3 rotten teeth and has had 6 cavities filled.  So be compassionate on her chipmunk cheeks.  ;)


  1. She makes me smile!! What an exuberant personality that girl seems to have!

  2. I love how she burped, and then said "excuse me." She is absolutely adorable! :)

  3. I have a huge smile on my face right now! :) Reminds me SO much of one particular little Ethiopian girl. ;) She is so adorable, and I love her mix of English and Bulgarian (?). So cute!


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