Jul 18, 2012

10 for $10

note.  Still have 7 bracelets left!

I am desperate.  
Desperate for Kanani's grant to grow and for her to reach her matching grant.  
Desperate to find her a family before it's to late.

We already have a giveaway going on for her.
We have a matching grant.
We have an auction.

But it doesn't matter, I won't stop until her matching grant is met.  I won't stop until she has a family.  I have met this girl and held her hand, I can't just look away.

12 Don't say, "But we didn't know anything about this." 
      The One who knows what you are thinking sees it. 
   The One who guards your life knows it. 
      He will pay each person back for what he has done.
Proverbs 24:12

So here it is..
For the next 10 people who donate $10 to Kanani's grant fund..
They will get a Ugandan paper bead bracelet for free.
As well as getting entered into Kanani's giveaway!
$10 for a free bracelet and a chance to win more free stuff?

So go donate $10..

And come back here and let me know!  
I'll enter you into the giveaway and send you a bracelet asap!

And just to remind you all....Watch this video!


  1. Kanani, you are beautiful! Wish I had more to give but I will be saying prayers daily for you. Hope the $15 gets you closer to your grant.

  2. I pray God would provide a family Kanani! Donated 60.
    Emily B. (ransomed2serve[at]gmail[dot]com)

  3. you amaze me with your relentless advocacy of the least of these! always excited to come along side of you!!

    donated my $10. and about to share on fb :)


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