Jul 12, 2012

Matching grant for Kanani!

note.  Matching grant has been met!!  Thank you all for donating!

The other night I had a dream about Kanani (You can read more about her HERE).  In my dream I was at her orphanage and a van drove up.  The people got out of it and walked over to where I was sitting with her under the tree.  I was holding her hand and rubbing her check when they reached us.  I was so confused, "Why were these people here?  What did they want with my sweet girl?  They couldn't possibly be here to take her away, Could they?"  They ignored me as they picked her up and started walking back towards the van.  I was frantic.  I knew they would be coming.  I knew that she couldn't stay at her baby home forever.  But it wasn't right, they came to soon.  I hadn't had enough time to find her a mama yet.  I pleaded with them running back and forth between them and the nannies, asking them to do something, anything.  To just let me have a little more time.  But they weren't listening.

And then I woke up.
And I cried.

Guys, I'm frantic.  This is Kanani's fate.  
She will be taken away and left in a place not meant for little girls.  We need to help her.

Anonymous donors have offered a matching grant for Kanani up to $1,000.

We can not let this opportunity slide by without a fight.  If we can raise $1,000 worth of donations towards Kanani's grant fund another $1,000 will be donated.  This will give her a little over $2,000 in her grant fund.  And hopefully a family will soon follow.

Please donate.  Your donations are basically doubled.  Even $10 will become $20.

Donate. Help me save her.  Scream for her.  Please.

More then anything...
pray.  Pray for her protection.  Pray for a family.  Pray for the funds.  Pray.

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