Jul 22, 2012

Miracles do Happen

Last week I felt like I was trying to claw through a brick wall with my bare hands.  
As hard as I tried, as hard as I yelled, I could not get Kanani's grant to grow.  
Her grant was stuck.  For days it didn't move an inch. 
And I was ready to quit.  I was d.o.n.e.  

But then it happened.  Right when I was ready to throw in the towel something happened...

It started with a $15 donation towards Kanani and her matching grant.

And then a couple $10 donations.

And a $60 donation.

And then, I refreshed my screen, and get this,

Kanani's grant had grown $700!!!

Matching grant had been met!!!!

Praise the Lord!

In just over 2 weeks her grant had grown $1,000!

It is worth it, it is always worth it.

And I can't believe I get to be apart of the miracle that is Kanani's story.

I am seeing it unfold before my eyes.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed, donated, and shared about Kanani's matching grant!  It has now been met.  BUT, our fight is not over.  Kanani has just under $400 to reach an even $2,500 (once matching funds have been donated to her grant.).  I'm hoping that the 10 for $10 (still have 7 bracelets left!) and Kanani's giveaway will help bridge the gap!  ALSO, Kanani needs a family.  Desperately.  Please pray for one to step up for her now.  Pray people, pray!

Miracle do Happen.  And I'm content knowing that God's got this miracle covered!

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