Aug 14, 2012

This life

The other week Gergana got to experience kittens and horse back riding for the first time. Gergana has always loved cats and just like we thought, was so excited to see all the kittens.  She has a very low pain tolerance so their little nails weren't so fun in her opinion.  But she suffered through the pain and got some good kitten play in.  She really seems to love animals when she knows they are 'safe'.  Abby latched on to an orange kitten she named Bella and turned the poor fluff ball into a baby.  We had to pry that cat out of her arms when it was time to leave.

After playing with all the kittens it was time for some horseback riding.  It was Josh, Gergana and Abigail's first time on a horse.  Gergana was very unsure.  She did not want to get on that horse and was pretty scared.  We know her though and knew that she would love it if she just got on it and tried it out.  We kept telling her, "Yes it might be scary, but scary isn't bad.".  Finally we gave her a boost and she got up.  At first she was freaked out, the look on her face was one that only a sister can laugh at. But after a few laps around around the barn she was loving it.  She even got up for a 2nd ride later!  

It was one of those times that I am just so glad she is in a family that will push her and provide new experiences for growth.  When I think back and look at pictures from 8 months ago I am amazed.  The growth you can clearly see in this little girl is amazing.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, academically.  In all areas we really have seen growth.  Despite the hard parts that we have (and still are!) experiencing it is worth it.  Everyday it is worth it.  I am so blessed to be living this life.

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