Oct 8, 2012

every time

Every time I go on a trip I tell myself I am going to blog every detail.  That I'm going to take pictures and share the journey with you all.  But then I arrive and I enter life.  And by the end of each day I am just to mentally and physically exhausted to form a blog post.  I decide that the internet really doesn't need to hear all about the dirty diapers, curious George and screaming toddlers that fill my days.  So I go to bed instead of blogging.  That makes me sad, because I know I will regret it once I'm home.  I don't ever want to forget these days.  No matter how exhausting they are.  Pictures and blogging help me to never forget and I want to make that effort.

Here's to blogging about the journey.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  I just have to do it.

Even if babies wake up at 6:20am....


  1. Totally get it! I knew I would regret not blogging very much once I was home, so no matter how tired I was, I tried to do it! :)


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