Oct 25, 2012

I don't always like being away from home

Can I be honest for a moment?  Tonight I want to me home.

Yesterday was my Nieces's first birthday.  I wasn't there.
Today is my mom's birthday.  I wasn't there.
Tomorrow is my parents anniversary.  I won't be there.
Saturday my niece is having a huge first birthday party.  I won't be there.

I love being home.  I'm not a social person who needs to always be out and about.  I'm content just being home with my family.  Leaving home and going on trips is hard for me.  So very hard.  Not only is it the normal physically exhausting (babies do that to you!) but it is emotionally exhausting for me.  And being on the sidelines watching major life events back home slip by with out me is hard.  I don't regret being here for the last 4 weeks.  Not at all.  I love what I do and the experiences and people it brings into my life.  I love PA.  But today I just want to be home.  With my family.  Eating birthday cake.  

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  1. Oh Joanna !! Praying for you!!! Love You so much!!!!!!!!!!


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