Oct 13, 2012

things I don't want to forget

A work in progress as I remember things.

Because memories come and go so quickly for me.  And some things I just don't want to forget.
In no order what so ever....

-The time I stepped in chicken poop and found myself thinking that it looked like chocolate cream pie.

-The way Rebekah laughed until she ran out of breath when she put her feet in shaving cream.

-Laying in the grass with Stephen and Rebekah watching birds and telling stories to each other.

-As frustrating as it can be, I don't want to forget the way Rachel screams or her temper.  Because it does make me laugh (after the ringing in my ears goes away.).

-The sounds of the Amish horse and buggies going by the house.

-Watching the tractors go back and forth between the fields and the farm with the little kids.  Nathan clapping and cheering each time he saw them, making the tractor drivers smile.

-The sounds of little feet waking me up.

-How this old house creaks if someone so much as roles over in bed.

-The rooster in the morning.

-The fall colors.

-Daily updates on how things over in Eastern Europe are going.

-Remembering who is gluten free and who is dairy free

-Rachel's hugs and kisses

-Races around the house.

-Eating pears of the tree.

-Calling Rachel 'Renee' and realizing how much I miss the children I have said goodbye to already.  Making me savor the moment with Baby even more.

-"I was born for...Karate!"


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