Nov 3, 2012

goodbye PA

[saying goodbye to my 'boyfriend'.  This boy frustrated but made me laugh all at the same time.]

The parents came home on Thursday.  Along with precious Matthew Dima.  Seriously, he is adorable and fits in their family so perfectly.  Seeing him made everything worth it.  He will no longer be spending his life in a mental institute.  Instead he is in a family.  Giving up 5 weeks of my life to help bring him home was all worth it seeing him with his family. worth it. worth it. worth it.

Saying goodbye is never really easy.  It is so hard to invest yourself so intensely with children you may never see again.  Makes it interesting, leaving pieces of your heart all around the world.

Where is Dima??
There he is!  Cute right?  Mission {finally} accomplished. 
I'm now down in Phoenix for a few days.  Visiting  friends and warming up a bit. ;) Plus it actually worked out better with my tickets to travel home in two phases.  Excited and blessed to get to spend time with friends.  And blown away that I got to be apart of one more child coming home!

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  1. So glad that you are okay from the storm.....glad that you have a rest before you get to see more friends....then family.


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