Nov 28, 2012

Life is fragile

Tears.  Many, many tears.

Sweet Henry (age 2) passed away this afternoon.  It was so unexpected.

Please pray for his family.  They are amazing and loved Henry so much that they crossed the ocean to bring him home from Ukraine last year.  He was very loved.  His family and story is one that I have followed closely.  His mom is one of the sweetest people I know, always encouraging.  I can only imagine their deep grief right now (and in the weeks to come).  Life is so very fragile.

Henry's family blog:

Sweet Henry,  We love you and miss you.
You will not be forgotten.  Your story will inspire many.

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  1. Even though I had never met him , he seemed such a sweetie...ready to be loved on & to have fun with...Henry you will always be remembered here at the Lindquist house....Love Victoria


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