Dec 10, 2012

humor in learning English

Gergana speaks all English, besides the odd Bulgarian word.  She has for many months now and [sadly] lost her Bulgarian pretty quickly.  We joke that it was because she likes to talk so much, she just couldn't stand not being able to communicate.  And for the most part we really have no trouble communicating and understanding each other.  But some days, and some situations, get mixed up so badly you can't help but double over and laugh.  Never boring.  


Like the times Gergana finds a set of balls and practices 'juggling'.  She loves to try to juggle, but the word 'juggling' comes out a lot more like 'jiggling'.  And good golly, it is so cute we can't stand the thought of correcting her.  Especially when she asks us "do you know how to jiggle??".  Just about kills us.


We have been trying to break the habit of eating with elbows on the table.  Basic table manners.  When the kids see someone else with elbows on the table they automatically yell "Elbows on the table!"  This is how the words come out of Gergana's mouth though...

G: "Knee on the table!"
Us: "Knee?  Wrong word, try again."
G: "Eyeball on the table!!"
over and over again.  She cannot get it right.  The words do sound very similar, but the mental image of an eyeball on the table is to much.  We laugh.  She laughs.  It's all cool.


It's never boring in our family.  She adds so much spice to our life.

She rocks.


  1. Too funny! Sounds like my littlest sister (just turned 3, still figuring English out...)! :)

  2. She is such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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