Jan 2, 2013

//in my arms.

The first time I saw his picture, his smile stopped me.  I kept coming back to him.  I couldn't get his picture out of my mind.  He was the one for me.  The very first child I ever advocated for.  From the very beginning I knew I would never be the same.  He would forever be in my heart.  No matter what happened.

I remember crying tears for him.  Not understanding why he still waited.  Literally ticking off the months as they passed towards his 5th birthday.  I remember the absolute panic I felt when we found out he had been transferred to the mental institute.  I remember the months of praying and waiting and searching for a family to adopt him.  The joy at finding out any bit of information on him.  Getting an email full of pictures of him, running up the stairs to show them off to my family.

I remember the excitement when people finally started to notice him.  When people joined in yelling for him.  When his picture was spread all over facebook.  His grant began to grow (and grow some more!).  Families started messaging me about him, curious about adopting him. 

And then it happened.  A family committed.  The task of finding his family was complete.  

His family took over the fight for his life.  I sat back and watched as they jumped through hoops to bring him home.  Cheering at every milestone.  Holding my breath when road blocks in the process showed up.  Thrilled beyond belief when they finally met him

Alex came home in June.

He is thriving.  He is learning.  He is growing.  He is loved.

Today I met Alex.  I held him in my arms.  I talked to him.  I loved him.

It is all worth it.  It is all for the kids.

Blessed.  So in love with his face.  Honored to be apart of his story.
These two are the exact same age.  Born the same day/month/year.  See the size difference? 
The amazing Windley-Daousts 
You can read more about Alex and his journey on his blog// wdadoption.blogspot.com

[Just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who prayed and donated towards Alex while I was advocating for him.  It made a difference.  Not to me, but to this little guy who I have now held in my arms as well as in my heart.  It makes a difference.  You made a difference.  Thank you!]


  1. Beautiful.... holding the child you advocated for and loved long before their family knew about them.... it's indescribable, isn't it?

  2. ok as somebody who has had the honour to meet and hold both of my 'warrior kids', Francine as she was being adopted and brought home and then Bobby still waiting, I know this feeling and you are right, it is amazing! You got me crying here with this one! i too cried tears of heartbreak when alex was transferred and this post fills my heart to bursting with joy!


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