Jan 7, 2013

Meet the Killen family || Reece's Rainbow adopting family

Meet the Killen family.
This gorgeous family is the answer to my prayers.  They have heard the call and listened to it.  They are stepping out in faith to bring home my precious Aiden.  Despite the fact that they are young.  Despite the fact that their daughters are young.  Despite the fact that they don't have all the money tucked away.  They saw Aiden and said yes to him.

Honestly, there were days I doubted this moment would come.  How many people step up and adopt?  How about internationally?  How many people step up to adopt boys?  How many of those boys are older?  How many of those older boys are also blind?  Not many.  Families just don't usually step up to adopt children with those combinations.  But God.  He had a plan.  He was preparing hearts this whole time.  And now, it is Aiden's turn.
The Killen's bio:
"Asa and Katherine Killen of Huntsville, Alabama are walking by faith and following what the Lord has called them to do. They met when Asa was only 15 and Katherine was 16. From the very beginning they put God first. They were married December 9th, 2006. They were later blessed with two gorgeous little girls, Zoe and Piper. Katherine is also an adopted child; her and Asa knew from day one that adoption was in their future. They were blessed enough to meet some Ukrainian orphans at their church one Sunday; they touched their hearts in more ways than they could have ever dreamed possible. They went home that night and prayed. Katherine then found herself searching through websites that had pictures of waiting children. They, honestly, had no intentions of pursuing an adoption any time soon. They had always been in the mindset of, “Maybe when our girls are out of high school we will adopt” or ” Perhaps in a few years …”. Then Katherine came across Aidens picture on a web site and she instantly knew, without a doubt, that he was meant to be their son. They felt the Lord whisper assurance into their hearts and they formed an instant love for this little boy. He was their son, no questions asked. At the time they were unaware of all his special needs but it didn’t matter; they knew they would love him, accept him, and praise God for him…sight unseen. They knew they had to “trust and obey” so they started their home study and prayed for Aiden. They later came across his picture again on Reeces Rainbow and that was it…they knew they would do whatever it took to get him home.
John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you..”
It’s amazing how God can change your heart and call you to love someone you have never met. They want nothing more than to be his parents…to love him, comfort him, help him, support him, and raise him to walk in Gods light. He is PERFECT; just the way he is.
“We are the lucky ones; to be blessed with such an amazing child. Praise God for this sweet sweet boy…”

- Katherine and Asa Killen"

Please continue to pray for this adoption.  For the Killen family as they work through the paper work.  For Aiden as he waits.  That they would have favor and speed with the officials they are working with.  That the financial burden would be provided for.  

You can follow the Killen's blog here: Our family...HIS way.
I don't think this is a story you are going to want to miss out on!

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