Feb 26, 2013

Aiden||Forty to Forever

I'm so late on this.  So, so late, I meant to have this posted this morning!  I apologize because it means you all have LESS time to enter this giveaway then I had hoped.  And you really don't want to miss it.  No really, it's the coolest giveaway I have ever seen with many [many!] amazing prizes.  I've entered in for many of them on several different days. Today is a special day though, so check it out!

First go here [it's Aiden's day and I never get sick of this story] The goal is to raise $400 for Aiden today [the money is so needed!] and they are no where close to the goal. -Day 12: Aiden for the Killen family.

Second go here and take a peak at all the cool prizes.  Games. Gift cards. Pearls and diamonds.  It's all there and it is all awesome. - The giveaway.

Third go here.  Because you are going to want to enter.  And there are tons of easy ways to enter.  Plus you can donate a couple $$ to get even MORE chances to enter.  Rock it.-  How to Enter.

Go. do it.  Help my love get home.  & win some awesome prizes. You can thank me later.

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