Mar 8, 2013

Our family is getting bigger..again!

Big families rock.  This is one of those times where I really like having a big family.  The cute 6 yr old sister is sitting next to me asking "Joanna, would you rather eat a frog or a live fish?  And just so you know, the frog is alive too so it would be jumping around in your stomach if you ate it."  But at the same time I have older [slightly more mature] siblings who are off getting married and making babies.  Variety is the spice of life.

So it's with a big smile that I can now share that our family is getting even bigger.  Our crazy mix of a family is adding some more little people to it.  And we really couldn't be happier.

Older brother and his wife are expecting baby #2 this fall!  
 photo baby2_zps1aafd129.jpg
& Older sister and her husband are expecting their first baby this fall!
 photo baby3_zpsd8e6bf4c.jpg
(Sister started blogging a while back!  Check out her blog: Through this Forest. )

Both babies are due to be born within weeks of each other.  This Auntie can't wait! If these babies turn out to be anything like the current Baby Niece they are going to be showered with more love than they know what to do with.  Another win for big families!


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