Mar 22, 2013

the fight is on

Edit: I'm heartbroken to share this.  I just got word that Seth has been taken into domestic foster care. He is no longer available for international adoption and Shawna is on her own.  Shawna is still available for adoption and needs a family.  Do you see these pictures?  Their bond is so very real.  My heart breaks that Shawna is on her own now.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you can feel your heart sink?
This is one of those moments.
 photo 1820_2121-1_zps49b076d5.jpg
Meet Shawna (age 11) and Seth (age 9).  a brother & sister duo from Eastern Europe.
 photo 1820_2120-1_zps5d884822.jpg
For whatever reason they have been left as orphans.  They have no family except for each other.  A while back they did have a family interested in starting the process of adopting them but sadly the adoption never happened.  A blood test revealed that Shawna was HIV+ [read here] and the family backed out of the adoption. Whatever their reasons were for backing out, the situation was still very sad.  

So they still wait.  And wait.  And wait.  These pictures are old.  I have updated pictures of Shawna.  She is growing into a seriously beautiful young lady and I have a few updates on her.  As I was looking through new pictures though I noticed that Seth was no longer in the pictures.  I wasn't sure why at the time.  But now I know.

As if being orphaned in the first place and then loosing an adoptive family wasn't sad enough...

From a video interview about Shawna [translated from their native language]:

"She came to the group together with her younger brother, but he's somewhere else now, but she worries about him alot. she doesn't know a lot about herself. when the other children her age finished the first grade, she couldn't read and really didn't know very many letters. She had a really poor understanding compared to those around her (similar age). But she was put in a class where there was an excellent teacher. This teacher together with Shawna did a wonderful work and she caught up to her classmates. She now reads very well, not quite as well as her classmates of course, but she does very well. Right now she is a very shy girl. She's very intelligent, keeps house well, she loves it when things are clean and if others don't clean it, we can ask her to and she gladly complies. Of course it happens that her wardrobe is occasionally messy, but we ask her about it and she says 'i'm going, i'll do it'. You know, she's still a kid, but she does things very well, she's very intelligent. She really enjoys spending time with younger children, the children that were the age of her brother. She takes very good care of them, she misses/worries about her brother very much but takes care of these other children."
 photo 1818_2114-1_zps6436a401.jpg
These siblings are no longer together.  They've been separated.  How? How can this be.  I don't have words right now.  all I know is that we need to find these children an adoptive family asap.  One that will work to reunite them and allow them to become all that God intended them to be.  The fight is on. For Shawna. For Seth.

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  1. Oh, how heartbreaking! Made me so sad that his shirt says "Family Happy Bears!" I am praying and am going to start advocating for these precious ones!


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