Apr 12, 2013

hello finding a new normal

We are searching for a new normal.  Except we really are no where close to finding this new normal.

I was planning on working Wednesday and yesterday but was able to get those days off (so thankful as I was needed at home).  Though it was decided that I could go to work today and the family would manage without me.  Sadly things fell through at the last minute and it was a scramble this morning to find someone to take the girls for the afternoon.  Thankful for a friend who stepped up to take them.  Or else I would have had to take them to work or something.  Welcome to our new life. Lots of comings and goings and planning and stepping up even more then usual at home.  Everything has changed for all of us and there is a lot to work through.

Dad at the hospital is doing okay.  They are working him hard and he gets tired quickly.  But he is determined to get out of there and is as positive as ever.  Still no new movement in his left arm, it is very limited.  Can still roughly use his left leg.  Hopefully once he gets into rehab he will be able to work more movement.

We miss him here at home.  I just miss him.

And for family and friends wanting to know how he is doing.  Check out how he showed off his skills this afternoon.  He is so chipper.  It's just how he is.  The guy had a stroke and right away was still making jokes (the famous one about him feeling like the mayor of Whoville from Horton hears a Who is the best).

Did I mention I miss him?

I can't even think about my up coming trip to Uganda.  I've blocked it out of my thoughts for a bit.  It is so overwhelming.  I wasn't sure I would even still go but the very first thing Dad told me after his stroke was "Joanna you ARE going to Uganda".  Thankful for a dad who shoves me towards my dreams.  Even when I don't want to go.  Still not sure how it will all work.  I just can't even go there right now which is bad because I need to start planning.  Prayers please.

Over and out.


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