Apr 20, 2013

He's up and going

When I last made it into the city to visit dad he was trapped to his wheel chair. He had the ability to move around a little bit but the rehab therapist didn't want him walking around by himself just yet.  He wasn't steady enough yet and they didn't want him falling and hurting himself (turning a hard situation into something worse).

On Thursday Dad called us on skype and said he had a surprise for us.  But he wouldn't tell us over skype.  He told us we had to come visit him to see for ourselves what was going on.  Today we had some appointments in the city and were able to go in and see for ourselves.

Four days after I last saw him (where he was still in his wheelchair all day) this surprise was waiting for us.

Yes.  He is up walking with only a walker!  He has been given the green light to walk all over the unit just like that.  He can even shuffle around with out it for a bit.  Thank you for the prayers!  He still has a lot of hard work to do.  but the progress has been amazing! I can't wait to have him home!

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