Apr 9, 2013

In an instant your life can change

3:30 this morning (like middle of the night.  k?) my mom woke me up to tell me she was taking my dad to the emergency room and asked if I could please come upstairs and keep an ear open for the little kids when they wake up?  At first it was like "okay, whatever.  It can't be serious and they will be home in time for Breakfast." By 10am it was clear that this was serious.  One crazy and scary day later my dad has officially been diagnosed with having a stroke and has finally[!!] been checked into the stroke clinic in a nearby city.  His left leg is useless.  He can't move it at all.  He has very limited movement in his left arm and the left side of his face is feeling a tad numb. Thankfully he is talking and interacting just fine.  He will be at the clinic for at least a week, possibly more.

Remember I am heading to Uganda in exactly 22 days?

Please, please pray for us and for my dad.  He never complains and I just love him so much.  I am exhausted.  Physically and emotionally.  The little kids are holding up pretty good but they can feel the stress and are missing mom and dad.  Gergana especially has been very quiet today, which if you know Gergana is very, very unusual.  You never expect things like this to happen to your own family.  I don't even know what to think right now.  Not only is this scary for the right now but I have no idea what we will do from here on out.  Please just pray for us.

And on an off topic.  I'm very thankful for people who drop off chocolate cake at our house.  Which is almost as good as a cupcake. 
 photo cantbesadwithacupcake_zpsf35041e5.jpg


  1. I'm so sorry Joanna! I will pray for your Dad, your upcoming trip and your whole family.

  2. Oh Joanna! I'm soo sorry to hear this! I can't even imagine. Praying!!! xoxo

  3. As soon as I saw the title of the post I started praying.

    Keep us posted as you're able.

    Too bad I'm in CA (the state) and you're in CA (the country...not that you really abbreviate it that way but my same name friend and I do - we joke about living in CA North and CA South) - I'd bring you cupcakes along with praying with you.

    Praying from my CA will have to suffice.

  4. Oh goodness, I am so sorry Joanna! Praying!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear this... I am praying!


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