Apr 1, 2013

Memorial box Monday - The fight is OVER

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I have good news.   This is a post I am so very happy to be able to share. Yes.  This is good.

Last week a stumbled upon a couple of sweet faces.  I had seen them before but this time was different.  Who are they really?  Does anyone even know they exist?  How are they supposed to find an adoptive family with two sentences of information and an outdated picture? So casually (hah!) I did some digging on them.  And soon I had a ton of pictures, movies and information staring back at me.

(check it.  Here & here to understand who and what I am talking about.)

but the problem (because there is always a problem for some reason) was that I was not going to be advocating for anymore children.  I just wasn't.  Not now.  No. There will never be an end of children needing adoptive families and I had done my part.  I couldn't save them all.  I was done.

But that tiny whisper in my ear.  How can you keep this information private?  Just share it.  How hard is that?  Fine.  I'll share it but that is it.  I'm not going to push this time.  It isn't my responsibility and I can't make a difference anyway.  but fine, I'll listen and I'll share.

So I shared.  And right away I knew, I just knew, that because I had obeyed and listened to that tiny whisper I had just been allowed to be apart of something so much bigger then just me.

Information was found.  Heart breaking information, yes.  but information is so important when it comes to adoption.  And yesterday.  A week after I first obeyed and shared.  An adoptive family has stepped up.  Answer to prayers.

I am again blown away that I was allowed to play a part (a small part yes) in uniting a little lost girl with her adoptive family.  Blessed.  Thank you to everyone who prayed, shared, and just took the time to read and acknowledge the situation.  We can make a difference.  This is proof.


  1. Wonderful story of what powerful things happen when we obey God'sword whisperings. Stopping over from Linny's.

  2. Thank you for obeying friend!


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