Jun 30, 2013

There's nothing like being with family

Being back with my own family is always so refreshing.  I can be myself completely.  And they love me anyone.  Crazy right?  I love it when I travel, I love the people I meet and get to know when I'm away.  And some of the people I've met have truly become like 2nd families.  However there is nothing like my family here.  Hugs and kisses with the sisters.  Playing with the baby niece.  Sitting down and getting advice from my dad without the static of skype. Hanging out with my mom, just talking.  

There is something unique and special about family.  

And this sister?  No way we are biologically related, huh? 
 photo IMGP5649-1_zps9cbd05ce.jpg
 photo IMGP5648-1_zpsb2bb6b0e.jpg
 photo IMGP5647-1_zpsafcf105c.jpg
 photo IMGP5646-1_zpsc8ce364d.jpg

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