Jul 6, 2013

How do you say it in Russian?

Sometimes it's easy to communicate with a child without using words. Other times it's harder. Like when a child is riding their bike and doesn't see the car coming. 

Lesson of the day?  Learn more Russian.
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 photo IMGP5850_zps761a123a.jpg
Children amaze me sometimes.  It doesn't matter where they grow up, they all have similar wants and desires.  To play and explore while someone watches and claps for them at the sidelines.  "Khorosho Ruslan!"

The day hasn't been without it's challenges. Boundaries are being found and sometimes children are downright stubborn.  Dealing with those situations are normally challenging, but when you have no language to work with it makes it extra difficult.  However when you take a moment to step back non of it matters.  Not when a little boy is going to bed in a warm clean bed with a full stomach.  Exhausted after a full day of parks and bike riding.  In a home full of people who care for him and have his best interests at heart.  It's the little things.
 photo IMGP5859-1_zps686659b4.jpg
 photo IMGP5861-1_zpse6c6bec6.jpg
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  1. Looks like he's having a GREAT time! Can't imagine how difficult the language barrier is. I'm sure you will do fine though. Enjoy your time together! :-) (Love his dimples too!)

  2. If you need some help with Russian ... we are only a Skype away :)

    Holly, Kyiv


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