Jul 31, 2013

Why being an adoptive family rocks

Sometimes being an adoptive family is hard.  Really, really hard.  There are so many challenges and people don't usually understand them.  It can be lonely and draining.

However being an adoptive family also rocks.

You get to meet amazing people.  People who 'get it'.  There is nothing like talking and sharing with someone who has the shared experience of adoption. Who has no judgement about the hard parts because they have been there.  Who understands what older child adoption is like.  People you would never have met if not for adoption.  Being an adoptive family has perks and sometimes it just rocks.

Three Eastern European countries represented + two families = Tons of fun.
 photo IMGP6556-1_zps481236ba.jpg
 photo IMGP6568-1_zpsc411cc34.jpg
 photo IMGP6570-1_zpsac95d18d.jpg
 photo IMGP6569-1_zpsc374067e.jpg


  1. Oh my goodness! You got Geri smiling in multiple photos in one outing! She's going to get over her issues with your camera it looks like! Ha!

    Praying for you all still!

    How's it going being back? And how's your time in Uganda playing into what you're praying/dreaming about for what God has next for you?

    (In other words, I guess, any specifics of how we can pray for you?)

    1. Thanks for the prayers! a lot of things are still up in the air. If I come to mind just pray that God will make things clear for me and open up some doors! Thanks!

  2. Hi Joanna, my name is Winter. I am trying to start a blog about adoption that is for kids by kids. Do you think any of the kids in this picture would let me interview them? I really only have a few questions that my mom would email and they could email back. I made necklaces to send to the kids who help me. I want to interview kids who were adopted internationally, through foster care, and also bio siblings. Thanks!

    1. Hi Winter! Your mom sent me the questions a while back. I'll see if I can get some answers for you! I love what you are doing! xxx


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