Dec 31, 2013

2013 highlights

It's been a crazy year.  Life has been twisted and turned and amazingly, we all survived.

Here are just a few highlights from this last year.

-Stroke.  April 9th my dad had a stroke. The weeks that followed were intense and busy and we are still finding out way forward.  Everyday we are thankful it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

-Uganda.  3 weeks after my Dad's stroke I left for a two month visit to Uganda. The two months taught me so much.  I'm thankful for the time and the chance to grow relationships and myself.  I am still amazed by how this trip was provided for and am blessed by the people who made it a reality!
 photo IMGP4991-1_zpsbdd680a2.jpg
-Summer hosting.  In July we welcomed our sweet boy for the summer.  Ruslan was with us for just under two months and he was such a big blessing to our family.  Summer hosting is an exciting and life changing adventure. If you ever get the chance to host an orphan, do it!
 photo IMGP5986-1_zps4e768845.jpg
-New Babies.  Our family grew.  Not once, but twice!  Two baby nephews joined the family and they are both incredibly loved and spoiled! 
 photo IMGP8007_zps7bde94bb.jpg
-Moved away.  In September I moved away, entered college and got a job.  I am loving my new city and the new friendships I have made.  My job is exactly what I wanted and this new life has been a huge blessing to me.
 photo IMGP9088-1_zpsb09a2995.jpg
-Family.  The year ended with a bang when my oldest brother and his wife surprised my mom by coming home for Christmas (did you hear the screaming??).  All 16 members of my family were together for the very first time.  Every day was a party.  Family is everything, and my family is the best. 

2013 was a good year.  It was hard, that's for sure.  But it was full of relationships and growth.  Which is always a good thing.  

Excited about what 2014 is going to bring!


  1. Sounds fantastic. You remind me a lot of myself at the same age. :-)

  2. 2014 is going to be an awesome year! Even if you are "stuck" in one place for a while, it can still be amazing. PS -maybe we could do a meet up this year, we usually travel out to Alberta at least once or twice a year.


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