Dec 19, 2013

You know, because he's cute

Serious little man.

Until he spits up.

 photo IMGP8780-1_zps26db2f3a.jpg
 photo IMGP8795-1_zps42a2f728.jpg
 photo IMGP8798-1_zpsaf74f0ee.jpg
 photo IMGP8801-1_zps87618967.jpg
 photo IMGP8805-1_zps86423bfd.jpg
 photo IMGP8807-1_zpsaaa3d1a9.jpg
 photo IMGP8808-1_zpsefb89f38.jpg

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, is he ever cute! I am seriously head over heels for that hair!!!


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