Mar 30, 2014

I left work early and the sun came out

God cares about the little things.  He cares about the little things we pray for, and even the little things we don't bother praying about.

My family came to visit this weekend. 

They were set to arrive Friday afternoon.  I would still be at work when they arrived but that's life, right?  Thursday evening I got a text from work. 

Work: Would you be willing to start work an hour earlier and then leave an hour earlier to compensate?
Me: Yes!  That actually works good because my family is coming to visit tomorrow.
Work: Ok, would you like to get off even earlier then? 

And just like that I was off work 3 hours early than I typically do.  Without even asking for the time off.

Thank you.


We had been having great spring weather here and I was excited for my family to experience some warmth (compared to their frozen, small town farther north) however last week it decided to snow. The snow didn't stop.  It's been snowing for about a week now and it seemed like our chances of a warm weekend were gone. God answered prayers at the last moment. Saturday the sun came out.  

God is good.  He cares.  Never forget it.
 photo IMGP9770-1_zpsefa5730c.jpg
 photo IMGP9772-1_zps5a7fb729.jpg
 photo IMGP9782-1_zpsf675ed5c.jpg
 photo IMGP9785-1_zps737f1a92.jpg
 photo IMGP9800-1_zpsa87e9cb3.jpg
 photo IMGP9789-1_zps68019929.jpg
 photo IMGP9807-1_zpse510cc4b.jpg
 photo IMGP9824-1_zps279d7e66.jpg
 photo IMGP9820-1_zps9682c491.jpg

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