Jun 16, 2010

Now that I have seen

Now that I have seen, I am responsible
Faith without deeds is dead

Recently I have been listening to a song called "albertine" by Brooke Fraser. She wrote it after visiting Rwanda and I just love the words and message. Tonight as I was listening to it a few of the lines really smacked me in the face. Now that I have seen, I am responsible. Wow. I have seen, and I am now responsible. Sure I'm back home and can't physically hug or kiss my babies anymore but that doesn't mean I can sit back and relax. How can I relax when I have children I am now responsible for?

There are many things I could be doing with my time but one really jumps out at me. I sponsor children. I have SEVEN children that I am responsible for. SEVEN children who seem to love me no matter what I do. These children are amazing, I love them so much. But I have failed them. I have relaxed and not taken responsibility for the commitment I made them. THREE of them have not received a single letter from me or a picture. How sad is that? TWO of the three live in UGANDA. The country I just visited. ONE of those TWO in Uganda is an orphan. The other 4 have not gotten a letter from me since their Christmas card. I missed my little boys birthday because I kept putting off sending him a card. Yeah, I don't think you can fail a child any worse than that. But there is also HOPE. I know that it is not to late to write my sweet peas.

I am determined to do better from now on.
I am responsible, but simply knowing that is not enough.
Its time to act.

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