Aug 31, 2010

Rock the River

A while ago one of my friends and I went to Rock the River. Rock the River is put on by the Billy Graham Association.   Its a big concert with a bunch of big name bands and the gospel message is delivered between performances by Franklin Graham.  The tickets are dirt cheap to encourage young people to come and the whole thing is centered around the "bring a friend" concept.  It was so cool.  I didn't hear the final number but tons of teens came to Christ that night. Very exciting.

This is the view from the bleachers (It was held in a baseball stadium)

First up was Downhere. If you look to the left of the red-haired-dude you can see the lead singer guy.

Me and my friend Haley. This is an extremely awkward picture but at least we have one. :)

After Downhere they had Starfield but I didn't get a picture of them.

Then there was Hawk Nelson. I LOVED them.  They were so fun to watch.

Look above the brown-headed-chick to see their lead singer dude.  Is his name Hawk?  I don't know. But he is the middle of some weird dance move in the picture.

Then they had Skillet.  Their violinist rocked. They were so good.

Again, its a bad picture. You can click on the picture to make it bigger so you can actually see them.

Yay! Finally a picture that you can actually see the artist! Thank you flood lights, white dress, and night time!

This is Flyleaf

It was a pretty awesome day and we had  lot of fun even though it was SO cold. It rained off and on and was pretty windy. Near the end we got smart and elbowed our way into the middle of the crowd where it was nice and cozy. Ha ha. We are so smart. Despite the cold I actually got a sunburn on my face.  Remind me to pack sunblock for Africa, OK?


  1. So cool!

    haha. The lead singer of Hawk Nelson is named Jason. The band name came from his username on some video game he used to play. haha. They're awesome guys. Love them. :)

    So jealous that you got to see Flyleaf. I love, love, love Flyleaf. :)

    haha. And I ditto you on the sunblock bit. ;)

  2. Heyyy! Which Rock the River did you go to? I went to the one in Edmonton! So goood hey?


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