Dec 22, 2010


So I realized, Christmas is this week. 
Weird?  I think so!!

I feel so "behind" on the Christmas season.  Not that I need to rush around and buy presents and stuff, Africa took care of that, I just havn't had time to "do" anything.  I havn't listened to Christmas music (ok, so I did in Africa but it isn't really the same when you are sweating like a pig) and today was the first day for me to wear my boots.  It's all just so weird.  Before I know it Christmas will be done and gone.

I must say though that I am over the top excited that this will be our last Christmas without my sister.  Seriously, I can't wait.  I am even more excited for her to know that her family is waiting for her and loves her so, so much.  She has know idea what is about to hit her.

My camera charger/batteries all died the last few days I was in Uganda and finally I got all of that sorted out (ok, I'm not going to lie, it was my dad) and I can use my camera again!  I also downloaded the free trial of Lightroom and am  It took a bit to get used too and I am positive there is o much more I don't know or am doing wrong, but it still rocks.  Put all of that together and I had a bit of an itching to take some pictures today. 

Jumping pictures=fail
But I love the colors.

Joshua actually let me take his picture, happily at that.

And I took some pictures of Joylynn.  I'm pretty sure this was my favorite though.

And another one for good measure.  It is a little weird but I like it.

I think I am pretty much over jet lag...almost.  I sleep good at night but have been waking up early.  No biggie though.  I have been having such weird dreams though.  Lots of chasing and stuff.  Sigh.  I have always had the weirdest dreams.

An adoption update is coming soon.  All good stuff.  God moved some mountains and we are almost one step closer to traveling!!


  1. I can't believe that I talked to you tonight and forgot to ask about how the adoption was going! :(

    Love the pictures & loved getting to talk to you. :) Are the dreams side effects from malaria meds? Aren't some of those known for giving people crazy dreams? Love you, friend! :D

  2. your siblings are so cute! I can't wait to see pictures of the newest one!!!

    Merry, merry Christmas my friend.

  3. Love your pictures. I might steal them for my blog. And me too! I am super excited about the next step in our adoption. Yippee Jesus!!!


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