Jan 24, 2011

Alex and Melissa

I can't get over the cuteness of these two children!
I could just eat them up!  Here is some more info on them...

BOY, born September 25, 2006

Sweet smile! Alex was born with CP. Alex is a sweet boy. He is described as VERY smart, and the orphanage staff desperately want a family for him. He is not able to walk at this time, and he does have a functional systolic murmur in his heart.
Alex will remain bedridden when he is transferred to the institution. Hope we can find a family for him soon!

You can see his profile ----> Here
Girl, Born June 17, 2005
Global delays/CP
More info coming, facing transfer

You can see her profile ----> Here.

Cute?  I think so.  I can't wait 'til their families find them!

Jan 16, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

It's cold in Canada.  Really, really cold.  As in -25 C which converts to -15 F.  I could go for some Equator right now.  Yes ma'am.  If you need me, I'll be in my room with my space heater cranked to the max, come get me when spring arrives.

This week has been 'eventfull' for our adoption.  And not really with the good stuff.

But we did get to send this piece of paper off to a certain Eastern European country (That I will not be naming anymore, just to be careful).  It was a beautiful sight.  Yes, I blurred it majorly, but hey, the paper was full of important information that I wasn't about to let the whole 'world wide web' see. 

Yeah, not going to happen.

That is my wonderful mother in that picture.

And for good measure, here is a picture of the baby in my family.

She loves me, really she does.

The weather was just delightful this last week. 
All that snow, and wind, and dreary sky made my heart sing with happiness.

Or not.
But it was really pretty.  Much better in person than in the pictures.

This last week was my birthday.
And for my birthday my parents let me get a dog.

And it made me happy.

He is an awesome dog and really smart.  I have only had him for a few days and he is almost house broken, he walks on a leash, goes in his kennel no problem, comes when he is called and listens to 'no'...most of the time.  He is a Maremma Lab X.  I love him.  He is 10 weeks old.  And I love him.


 Eddison Acen {A-chin) *mylastname*

Eddison- because I loved the name and it was one of the few names I loved that I didn't think I would name one of my future kids.  Picking a name for a pet is hard.  Because most of the names I love I want to name my kids.  You know, names like Douglas and Micah....ect.  *I.most.stop.talking.about.baby.names.NOW.or.else*

Acen {a-chin}- It's the surname of my sister in Uganda. I bet you didn't see that one coming!  Who I really should blog about some day soon.  It is a cool name and I promised her I would name my puppy after her.

I am exhausted.  Mr. Eddy gets up a million times a night.  It really does cut in on sleeping time.

Something that makes me excited even though I am tired though is that someone donated to Alex and Melissa's grant funds!!  $10 dollars each!  I did the happy dance. Thank you so much whoever you are!!  I really love these 2 kids and seeing someone else caring for them made me really, really happy.  I hated that big fat Zero on their pages.

Please everyone, Go look through all the precious children on THIS page and all the other pages on Reece's Rainbow and consider being a New Year Warrior for one (or two!) of the children.  It is free and easy and even if all you do is collect your spare change through out the year and donate it to their grant fund at the end of the year you will be making a difference! (Talk about a run on sentence!).  As you can see there are many, many children still waiting.

A certain little puppy needs to go outside.  So I am off.  Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

Jan 13, 2011

No secret

I'm guessing it is no secret that I love Reece's Rainbow , I have learned so much from reading family blogs who had adopted SN children from RR.  Looking at all the children who need a home broke my heart, there is so much need in the world.  But seeing families being united and children brought home was the best. 

I am part of the Prayer Warrior project on RR and now that my little guy is home (I am waiting to be matched with another child to 'pray home'.) I have wanted to do more to help out.  I stumbled across the New Years Warrior program they are running right now and was instantly interested.  Basically you look through the children on the website and pick a child to advocate for, pray for, and try to put some money into their grant fund over the course of the year.  It is the prayer warrior program on steroids.

I knew I was going to do this.  But I needed to 'pick' a child..which was a nightmare.  I knew I was going to pick a child with a different special need then Down Syndrome.  I love the children with Down Syndrome but my heart is drawn towards other special needs more.  So I looked and I looked.  So many beautiful children.  All of them need the help.  Finally (After many, many back and forths between children.  Oh my heart I love them all), I decided on two children.

First up..


Meet Alex!

The thing that struck me about Alex was his smile.  He is to cute for words!!  Also he has the exact same birthday as my little sister.  And in September when my sister is celebrating her 5th birthday, he will be transferred to an institution.  Makes me sick.  I want to do all I can to make sure his family finds him before then.

Next up..



Basically, she is just cute.  End of story.  But really, I adore her.  Her grin and little noes and perfect little eyes.  Oy.  She is also facing transfer to an institution soon.

So there you have it, my goal for 2011, help these children get home!  Both of them have $0.00 in their grant funds so if anyone wins the lottery I can point you in a grand direction to spend your money!  Please join me in praying that their families will find them soon.  You will be hearing much much more about them in the future.  Don't you worry...

Jan 10, 2011

Did you know...?


-All the kids in my family have a name starting in 'J'?  And the new 'soon-to-be' member of my family will also be given a 'J' name.  That is 8 kids in one family all with 'J' names.  People get us confused...

-I have a slight obsession with Dr. Seuss.  I dream of owning all of his books and reading them to my kids every single day.  No really, I do.

Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There's no one alive who is youer than you.
-Dr. Suess

-I am having a really hard time being back in Canada which explains me being....'gone' (For lack of a better word), from the blogging world.  It is not from lack of things to say.  Not at all.  I have tons to say.  I just don't know how to say it.

-My family is the first family to adopt from this certain Eastern European country in our province.  And we are feeling it.  Prayers for us as we work out all the kinks would be grand.  On a happy note, our home study did come in the mail today!  Woohoo!!  Signed and stamped and everything.  On another 'un-happy' note, we did not make the deadline we were given.  Our agency assures us it will be OK though so we are hopping for the best!

-We got over 15 inches of snow here this weekend and it is really, really cold.

Yeah, that is about it. 

I should go study for my big, big English exam because, you know, after taking 3 months off of school you have to do those type of things. 
Oh joy.

Jan 2, 2011


Last year rocked.  Seriously it did. 


-I went to public school for a semester.
-I turned 16.


-My brother got married and my whole family was together for one weekend.
-I found out about the Uganda trip in May.
-School was nuts.




 -More fundraising. {Story of my life..or at least the first half of 2010}

-All the fundraising pays off!  I went to Uganda!!  The beginning of so much more.


-Family vacation.
-Started planning next trip to Uganda.
-Dad said "yes" to adoption!!


-Summer school.
-Lots of Family time!
-More planning for Uganda.
-Lots and lots of adoption research.


-Met up with my best childhood friend who.I.miss.tons.and.tons


-We committed to my sister in Eastern Europe!!!!!!


 -More Uganda.


 -Surprise, more Uganda!!!!


-I left Uganda

Goodbye 2010.  You will be greatly missed!!

Jan 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010...

It was a good year.

Even if it did end with me having malaria.  Oh joy.  For the sake of all honesty on this blog, I actually was not on the malaria preventative (I brought along the Doxycycline though).  I stopped taking it a little over a month into my trip.  I had a good reason...it gave me ulcers, but at the same time, I also just forgot.  Plus even on the preventatives, if you are bit by a malaria infected mosquito, you have a good chance of getting malaria.  Its just one of the facts of Africa that no health nurses/doctors tell you before you travel. Sometimes with all the hype with meds and vaccinations we forget that people are just living in Africa and if you forget to sanitize your hands with 99% alcohol you are not going to die.  Just saying.

On the other hand though, I will be taking a different brand of meds next time or just wear tons of bug spray at night.  Malaria is not fun.  Really it is not.  It feels like everything bad mixed into one big....bad thing.  I have never given blood so much in my life.  Yikes.  I am feeling much better now though so thank you for everyone who prayed.  We are lucky to of caught it early because the strain of malaria I had, ended up being the deadliest kind.  Whoops.

It is now very early on January 1st.  And I am happy.  Why?  Because my sister is coming home this year.  Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!  It's time to party!!!!  Please be praying for us.  We know through a back door way that our homestudy has been approved by the provincial government but need it to come in the mail.  We need it to come on Tuesday.  NEED it.  That is pretty much the latest we can have it for our deadline.  Of course Gods timing might be different but....I don't know what we will do if this falls through.  Sigh.  Please pray.

OK, pure exhaustion is hitting me.  Until next time...

Happy New Year!!!
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