Feb 21, 2011

Bunk Bed

The other week we did a bedroom shuffle of the beds and Abby now has a bunk bed in her room.  It makes me happy to see it there.  Even though we are still months away from bringing home our new sister it is exciting to see where she will be sleeping.  It's not just exciting...it is EXCITING.

And Abby is pretty happy about it.  She loves her top bunk.

This is her "It's 'our.new.sister'!!" face.



I love her.  And I can't wait to have both of the girls in this room.


Abigail has had this blanket since she was a baby.


30 minutes later, literally, she was down with the flu.  Poor Baby.

Our adoption is progressing.  Our Dossier finally is on it's way to the final destination in EE after a month long delay.  Oye.  But it's all good and we should be getting our official referral (meaning we can share who I get to be a big sister to!!) in the next few weeks, and a few weeks after that, we should be able to travel!  We are hoping to have our first visit the end of March.  This certain country requires 2 trips so we are hoping to be able to bring her home early summer!


And I may be a little obssessed with this certain picture, so I need to post it...

It was taken in the village in Soroti. 
I love the outline of the hut and the kids sitting on the left. 
Basically, I just love it.

The End

Feb 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot--My heart hurts

I hate seeing children with out families. 
Absolutely completely hate it. 

Since coming home from Uganda, the thought of children waiting for a family to step up and adopt them has killed me.  I know what it is like to hold 'those' children. The children who are living with out a family.  The children that many people choose to ignore even though the Bible so clearly states to do the opposite.  I have loved them.  They are not just a statistic anymore but living breathing children.  Children that God loves fiercely.  I don't even know how to express my feelings in words.  I just know that God has given me a special place in my heart for these children. 

And I hate it.

I hate loosing sleep over children half way around the world that I have never met, like really, they are not my problem, right?  I'm sick of having this ache in my heart.  I hate it!  Plain and simple.  But I am stuck with it.  And well I have this ache I can't sit back and do nothing.  I have to do something or I may very well explode.

Recently my heart has been aching specifically for these children.  Please bear with me as I post their pictures and brag on them for a while.  They are just that awesome.  I would take any of them in a heart beat.  They are the reason my heart aches, them and the 143 million others just like them.

Sophia (You can find her listed HERE).
She lives in Russia and is 4 years old. 
Honestly, I think she looks like me, you know, if I had been born with Down Syndrome.
I am her new Prayer Warrior through RR.  My last little boy was adopted last fall!

Then there is Alex.
He is in Eastern Europe
Sweet, sweet Alex.
He is the exact same age as my little sister.
He was born with CP and some heart problems.

Also in EE.
She had me right from the start.
As soon as she was listed on RR I was in love. 
Her pig noes and bunny teeth don't help either.
She was born with CP and has Global Delays.
Also, I am no expert, but I suspect she has FAS too.
Either way, she is perfect.

Up next are 3 boys who live in the same orphanage together in Eastern Europe.  They are best friends and are practically brothers.  They can be adopted together but they are facing transfer.  They will be split up and lost in the system.  Oh, and they all have HIV.  But who cares, right.

First up

4 years old.
Prettiest boy I have ever seen. 

He is 5. 

Turns 6 in May.
He is always helping out.
He will be the first of the 'brothers' to leave the baby home.
He is just a little boy.

Next up is Elijah.
My heart.
He is 3 and lives in Uganda.
He is not adoptable at the moment, to many politics surrounding his birth family.
I spent 3 months with this boy while I was in Uganda.
I love him.
I love him.
I love him.
I love hi....oh wait, did I say that already?
Please, please join me in praying that he will get out of the orphanage and into a home soon.
If it is with his birth family, GREAT.  He just needs to get out of that orphanage!  He is just that kind of kid.

He is 4.
He lives in Eastern Europe.
He has CP and FAS.
He was recently transferred...
To a mental institute.
He also has a $16 000+ grant towards his adoption.
Why, I ask you, has no one committed to him yet?

This is where another part of my heart dies.
This is where I mention a little girl heading for the mental institute.

Meet Masha.

She is 4 but the size of a 12 month old baby.
This week she will be transferred. 
She will NOT survive for long in the institute.
She is smart and a complete love-bug.

Oh, and she has a $17 000+ adoption grant.  Yes you read that right.
Her and Eddie can be adopted together, which means, all the adoption costs would be covered.

Tonight in Eastern Europe there is a very important meeting going on that will decide the fate of all the children in this mental institute, including Masha and Eddie.  Please pray.  That's all I can say.

They are why my heart aches.
I am not going to stop praying until all of them are in a family.
Because there really is nothing else I can do.

Ni Hao Yall
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