Feb 21, 2011

Bunk Bed

The other week we did a bedroom shuffle of the beds and Abby now has a bunk bed in her room.  It makes me happy to see it there.  Even though we are still months away from bringing home our new sister it is exciting to see where she will be sleeping.  It's not just exciting...it is EXCITING.

And Abby is pretty happy about it.  She loves her top bunk.

This is her "It's 'our.new.sister'!!" face.



I love her.  And I can't wait to have both of the girls in this room.


Abigail has had this blanket since she was a baby.


30 minutes later, literally, she was down with the flu.  Poor Baby.

Our adoption is progressing.  Our Dossier finally is on it's way to the final destination in EE after a month long delay.  Oye.  But it's all good and we should be getting our official referral (meaning we can share who I get to be a big sister to!!) in the next few weeks, and a few weeks after that, we should be able to travel!  We are hoping to have our first visit the end of March.  This certain country requires 2 trips so we are hoping to be able to bring her home early summer!


And I may be a little obssessed with this certain picture, so I need to post it...

It was taken in the village in Soroti. 
I love the outline of the hut and the kids sitting on the left. 
Basically, I just love it.

The End

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