May 31, 2011

My little Russian love

Shannon.  My, sweet, sweet Shannon.

This is an exciting week for this little Russian angel.

A few days ago she got her own individual adoption grant fund.  Boo-yah!!  One point towards increasing her chances of finding a family!!  I was (and still am) so happy for her.  Getting a grant fund and getting listed among the other children was/is a BIG step towards finding a family. 

I was happy so that night I decided to do some digging on her, and my digging paid off..

There she was.
I recognized her right away.
She had gotten bigger.
She was still just as beautiful, with just a hint of her beautiful smile.

And she stole another piece of my heart.

I wanted to make a few things sure so I sent out an email.  
And now, I can share with you.

Here she is...

My beautiful Russian princess who just so happened to be born with designer genes.

An updated picture goes far in finding a child a family.  This new picture also stands out among all the other pictures on the page.  Score number two towards finding a family for Shannon!!  This picture is recent.  At least the 'taken sometime in the last couple of months' kind of recent, and she still looks like I did when I was 4.  I am in love with this new picture.  I can't stop looking at it.  Not only is the subject super cute but the whole picture kind of has an 'old school' feel to it that the photographer in me loved.  I really could not of asked for a better picture. 

If you haven't already, go check out her page on Reece's Rainbow!

I can't wait to see what God is going to do in this little girls life!

Dear Shannon,
May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you peace.  I love you and am praying for you.  Stay strong and brave.
Love, Joanna

May 30, 2011


Yesterday my parents had their last visit with Jordyn G.  I can't believe their first set of visits are done.  Saying goodbye was good.  G seems to understand that they will be back for her in the Summer.  Like I said before, she is in one of the best orphanages in her country, so we really have no worries about leaving her there.  We will miss her but we need to leave her there for now.  She was goofy saying goodbye (note the picture below.  The little stink), I'm sure she was just trying to process everything that happened this week,  Meeting your parents for the first time as an 8 year old is a little overwhelming. 

My parents are back in the capital city and after signing some paperwork will be on their way back to Canada.  They get home tomorrow!

As I have mentioned before, this kid hates having her picture taken.  In the above picture you can see my parents holding G's hands down.  Bahaha.

It will be a few more months until we can go back and get Ms. Jordyn G.  Some paperwork needs to get signed and processed here in Canada and we need to wait for a court date in her country.  We do not need to be present for the court date which rocks.  Our lawyer will go for us.  Once she is officially and legally part of the family we will go and bring her home!

Please pray that paperwork will go through quickly and that we can go back to get her in record time!  Also please pray for G, that she will be ready for a family and will truly understand that we will be back.  She has a busy summer in front of her so that should help pass the time for her.

Time to get the girl HOME!!

May 28, 2011

Orphan Warrior update

There has been a lot going on in the lives of 'my' children on Reece's Rainbow (You can read more about what I am talking about HERE and HERE) so I figured a little update was in order.


Alex is still waiting for a family but his grant has grown a LOT in the last little while.  His 5/5/5 warrior, Amber,  has done a great job in fundraising for him.  His grant is now up to $1633.50! That should pay for his plane ticket home once his forever family finds home and gets to that point in the adoption process!  Woohoo!  There is also a f@cebook page for him here: .  He is now only 4 months away from his 5th birthday.

Melissa also does not have a family yet.  I am actually so heart broken for her right now.  The other day her profile on Reece's Rainbow was moved from the 0-5 page to the 6+ page.  She is now just another face tucked in between all the other older girls.  Her grant is also gone. :(  .  The older children are not usually picked for adoption.  I'm not so sure why.  G (My sister we are adopting from EE) was on that exact page when we found her.  Melissa is still only 5, turning six in June.  She is just a little girl but she is considered 'older' and her chances for a family are disappearing.  Please pray for her.  Her SN is CP and global delays but I'm not sure how severe they are (she looks like she is standing/leaning against something in her picture).  If they are very severe she most likely will be transfered to a mental institute.  Please pray that she will not be transfered to a mental institute, that somehow, she will be spared from that fate.  The older children do not have individual grants but one combined one.  Right now there are 2 grants available for the next two 6+ children committed to on RR.  Melissa is eligible for one of these $5, 000 grants.

And, last but not prayer angel.  I am not an official 'orphan warrior' for her.  I am her 'Prayer warrior' and was matched with her by Reece's Rainbow.  For the last few months she has been hidden away (not on purpose of course) on a page for children in her Region in Russia.  She was not easily seen on the website unless you were looking.  BUT, today she has her own page!!  With a grant fund!!  I am excited that finally, she will be seen and have a greater chance at a forever family.

Please meet:

Check out her new, fancy, individual, family finding page.

I love this girl so much.  I am still convinced that she looks a bit like me.  I will have to go back and find a picture of me when I was 4.  Shannon was born with Down Syndrome   She is available to single moms and older parents, so if you know anyone who would love a little piece of Heaven in their home....

I can't wait to see what God has planned for these 3 children.  They are so special and have so much potential, if someone would just give them a chance.  Please join me in praying for them.

May 27, 2011


it rained all week.  all.week.long.  people were starting to go a little stir crazy and nerves were about to snap (mine included).  but this afternoon the sun came out.  and it was wonderful.  it was warm all afternoon and we were able to make some s'mores and roast hot dogs.  it starting raining again this evening.  but this afternoon was just what we needed.  we were all lacking in vitamin D.

four more days until the parents come home!

Talking with Jordyn G.

We are blessed.  
Georgia (aka. Jordyn.  aka.  'G') is in a very nice orphanage.  It is one of the nicest, if not the nicest, in her country.  One of the interesting things about her orphanage is the freedom the kids have.  I have never heard of an orphanage (At least in Europe, Africa is a whole different story) where the kids are allowed to run around the town.  The orphanage is located in a small village but it is still a weird concept to wrap my mind around.  Just to show you how free the kids are in town: Today my parents were skyping us.  It was almost 8pm for them and they had already dropped G back at the orphanage a few hours before.  As we were talking about silly things happening here at home, there was a knock at the door and we heard a familiar voice.  Yup, G had wondered back to their room (The orphanage is way on the other side of town.) and she brought a friend.  So sweet and funny.  We all got a good laugh out of that.  I feel just a little protective that my 8 year old sister is allowed to roam around as she pleases. :)  

Anyway, because of this freedom my parents have been able to take G almost anywhere in town walking and site seeing.  The last two days they have even been able to bring her back to the house they are staying at to skype with us back home.  The first day was a little awkward.  She was so confused by how we knew her.  But she was SO cute and her little voice is just precious.  She even started learning our names and we made up a game where one of us would duck out of view from the camera and she would call us back into view.    The second day she was even more comfortable with us (and my parents.).  I am so in love with her.  She is so funny and smart.  she is already learning some English (Good morning, Good bye, Cat, Rabbit, Yes, ball.) and I'm sure she will pick it up quickly once home.  It is so weird to see her.  Did you know that she is actually a real person?  Who would of guessed!!  Haha

Officially in her country she is not supposed to know that we are adopting her, just that my parents are 'visitors'.  This protects the child (and the adoptive parents) in case once they meet, special needs are more than the parent can handle etc. We actually had prepared for the worst, but no worries there. :)  But despite this G knows what is going on.  There have been 5 adoptions from her orphanage in the last year.  Yesterday as they were taking her back to the orphanage she asked "I'm coming to Canada in 20 days, right?".  Bahaha!  Where she got the 20 days thing from I have no idea.  But I am glad that she is not freaked out by the idea.  She also called Mom, 'Mama' for the first time today and gave her a hug.  We all can't wait to have her home (all though we do agree that the first weeks, months+ are going to be exhausting.  Oie).

She is cute and amazing and she is so perfect for our family.  
Just take a look at my new favorite picture of her..

I'm so thankful tonight for her orphanage.  
I am also thankful that she will only been spending a few more months there, as great as it is, it is still an orphanage.

May 25, 2011

Metcha day!!

May 25th, 2011.

Today is our 'Metcha day'.  The day that my mom and dad first met The Sister.

And because I know all you want is pictures, I'll humor you and just give you one right away...
Meet my sister, G!!!

I agree, she is precious.

She is very shy and reserved and that is fine.  She is only 8 and my parents are strangers who speak another language.  They were able to go for a walk around town for their visit and she even walked holding my moms hand for a while.  They were able to bring one of her friends along for the visit which helped break the ice.  She is so smart and spunky.  Silly girl, whenever she sees the camera she puts her hand in front of her face so it is hard to get a good picture of her.  Haha.

Ok, now onto what you all really want..Pictures!!

Looking at pictures on the camera with Papa.

Hanging out with Mamo.

LOVE that smile.

We are all head over heals in love with this little girl.  We want her home more than ever!!

It's night now in EE so we won't be hearing anything else tonight.  But tomorrow morning they are having a meeting with the orphanage director (personally I am VERY excited to hear about how that goes!!  he is a great man and I can't wait for us to get some answers from him!) and than in the afternoon they will have G again.  I'm excited to see if she will be more comfortable with them on day 2!

Thank you for all the prayers.  God has been in this first visit for sure.  I am so thankful for how he has lead us to G and to this point in our adoption process!  Hindsight is 20/20!!

Please keep us at home in your prayers also.  As exciting and happy as we are, it is exhausting trying to keep everything running smoothly and keep everyone happy here at home.  It is worth it (If you wonder why just scroll up a little ;) ) but some people are missing The Parents and others are just plain tired.  It has also rained all week and people are starting to go a little crazy inside!  Phew, I'm thinking ice cream for supper is a most...

Love from Canada!

Check out my parents blog: 


today is the day.  actually, it is already the day.  last night while we slept my parents met a little 8 year old girl living in the mountains in an eastern european country that we hope and pray will soon be ours.

i will share details when i get more.

and...because these pictures some up what i am feeling this morning....

May 22, 2011

When mom and dad go away...

We eat pancakes for lunch.

We go to the beach. 
 And yes, it was as much fun as it looks *rolls eyes*  The sand was soaked and there were a bazillion mosquitoes.  We didn't stay long and instead headed home to put the sprinkler up in the backyard. 

We blow bubbles.

We pull out the sprinkler..again.

So far so good here at home.  No one has died or gone hungry so I think it is a win-win situation.  We are alive and well and on the other side of the world a little orphan girl is about to meet her parents for the first time.  Hurry up Wednesday!

And, because we have a new pet in our house I think you all should know about....

Meet Kady,

She is a bush baby (If you don't know what that is, do a google search).  In case you couldn't tell by her facial expression.  She has been living in our house a for a week solid now and hasn't shown any sign of leaving.  not that we are complaining.  This bush baby is incredibly cute and funny.  She is a keeper.

2 more days until the parents head out to a certain village to meet G.!!!

May 21, 2011

They are gone!!

Yesterday was the big day!  My parents took off in an airplane for a country in Eastern Europe.  Operation 'Get the girl home' is well under way. It is all so unreal feeling.  They are just 5 days away from meeting Georgia.  Wow.

The airport is a bit of a drive from our house so we set out pretty early to drop them off.

The old school game boys were brought out to entertain people.

We hung out at the airport for a while.  There was some people flying into the same airport from Africa that we wanted to see when they arrived so we were way early for the parents 9:30pm flight.  But our airport has a cool climbing thing and we had supper so it was all good.  After a few hours in the airport the parents checked their bags and we said our goodbyes.  We even took one last family picture (missing a couple of people) with the self timer. We are skilled.

Now the real fun begins.  While the parents travel Europe and meet a special 8 year old girl, we will be at home eating ice cream and washing the floors.  I'm not quite sure who got the better end of the deal. : )

I'm starting to think we got the better end.

Poor Abby had a little melt down on the way home.  Poor thing missed mom already.  She is fine now though.  Seriously, this kid is so funny.  Just thought you should know that. : )

Please pray for us here at home. That we would all stay safe and healthy.

And please pray for my parents and Georgia.  That God would give peace to all 3 of them as they visit and get to know each other.  I can't imagine what will be going through G's head as she meets these strangers.

Thank you all for your kind words and your prayers.  They mean a lot!!

Now, I am off to make lunch and feed some Little people.  Wish me luck!

May 15, 2011

5 days

5 days until my parents leave.

I can hardly believe it.  Wow.  There is a lot to get done but at the same time we are all just chilling waiting for  Friday to arrive.  We are so ready to get to this next step in the process!  Not only will they meet the New Sister this trip but they will also be able to get some key paperwork going to get her HOME.  Both are very good things. :)

Abby absolutely adores our cat.  Our cat sheds like crazy and if it wasn't for the fact that Abby loves her so much she would not be allowed in our house.  We seriously have cat hair everywhere.  But she is Abby's best friend so we deal with it.

Me and Joylynn look like sisters in this picture.  The End.

Mom wanted a nice picture taken with her and Josh (age 9)...

Yup.  He was not feeling it.

Our house is stocked with food and my parents have toys and craft supplies packed to keep the Sister busy on their orphanage visits. You know, the important things.  Come on Friday!

And because she is the cutest 8 year old girl I know of (because I don't actually know her..yet) is another picture of miss Goergia.

Is it just me, or do you think we are going to be having to fight the boys away from her when she turns 16?

May 13, 2011

Travel Dates!!

We have plane tickets booked!!!

My parents fly out next Friday and will arrive in Europe on Sunday!  And then the real fun begins!

On Wednesday (May 25th) my parents will be meeting this cheeky love-bug for the first time. 

That is 14 days away.  14!!!!!!!!!!!

So, soon this girl who has waited way to many years will meet her Mama and Papa.


Not to mention that us back home will be getting updated pictures!!  I can't wait to see how she has grown!!

9 days until take off!!

May 10, 2011


I am very, very happy to introduce you to my sweet sister.
Meet the soon-to-be *mylastname*


I am in love.  The picture below was the first picture we ever saw of our girl.  Cute much?

I have loved Reece's Rainbow for a long time and could not be happier that we are adopting one of their sweet angels!  'Georgia' is a code name given to her by Reece's Rainbow to protect her identity.  We will not be calling her that but for now that is what I will be calling her here.

We committed to her back in September but for a ton of different reasons have not been able to announce it 'til now!  It has been SO hard to not talk about her!

We can not wait to bring her home and help her grow and become everything we know she can be! 
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us. 
God's timing really is perfect.

Now that I can share her sweet face you will be seeing (and hearing) much more about her. 
I hope your ready. :)

More to come as we work out dates this week for our first visit to meet her!

If anyone is interested you can check out our page on Reece's Rainbow HERE.  Oh how I love seeing us on the 'almost there' page!!  And please, no stalkers. : )

May 7, 2011


this afternoon our adoption took a turn for the better.  we were not expecting it to happen today.  it is saturday for goodness sakes!!!  all the people we needed to be at work don't even go into work!  but God likes to surprise us.

stay is BIG!!

you really will not want to miss it. : )

May 2, 2011

Giveaway for Alex

So this blog has been a little bit quite this week.  So sorry.  There are a few things going on in 'real' life right now that I am trying to get up and running.  Talk about exhausting.  phew.  If you could spare a prayer or two for me that would be awesome.  I could really use some wisdom.

But I do have some exciting news to share.  Some of you may know this already but Reece's Rainbow has a grant raising program starting soon to raise funds for all their 5 year old children (see more info HERE).  As soon as I heard about this program and saw that Alex (and Melissa!) were included in it I started praying that God would bring them a 5/5/5 warrior.  While, God provided for Alex and he has a 5/5/5 warrior!!  You can see her blog HERE.  And it gets even better, she is doing a giveaway for Alex and his grant fund is already up too $503!!!!  The giveaway ends on Thursday so I am thinking you should hurry up and enter while you still can!  There are MANY ways to enter without donating money (all though donating is GREAT).  So if you want a chance to win a $35 gift certificate to Amazon (while helping out an orphan in EE) go HERE.  The goal for his grant fund has now changed from $100 (obviously that goal has been reached!) to $600!  God has big things in store for this little boys life, that is for sure.

Have fun and I hope you win!
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